Nano-Optics Group

Institute of Physics - Karl Franzens University Graz

Group leader Joachim R. Krenn contact

We investigate light on the subwavelength scale (nano-optics), mainly with plasmonic nanostructures, molecules, quantum dots and porous silicon.

Our experimental methods include electron beam lithography, optical (near-field) microscopy, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy and time-resolved techniques.

Associated to our group is the Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Nanosciences.


    March 11, 2018: For a week, Martin discusses Nanolight in the pyrenees.

News Archive
Bright states, grey states
Nano (2018)
How dark?
ACS Photonics 5, 861 (2018)
3D plasmonic EELS
Nano Lett. 17, 6773 (2017)

J.R.Krenn 13.3.2018