NANO-OPTICS Applied Research

Nanoparticles as Photodiode Filters

An application example of particle plasmon effects is their application as ultrathin (10-30 nm) optical filter layers. To demonstrate this technique we choose a commercial CCD array. With electron beam lithography we positioned gold nanoparticle array layers over the individual photo diodes. Each micrometer-sized photo diode was covered with nanoparticles with a specific (polarization dependent) light absorption. Thus, the whole nanoparticle-photodiode array was turned into a parallel spectral and polarization light analysis tool. In principle, there is no restriction on using much smaller (nanosized) photodiodes. Also the relatively slow and expensive lithographic process could be replaced by a nanoimprinting scheme.


Zooming in on one micrometer-sized photo diode of a CCD array covered with an array of gold nanoparticles.

Last modified on 5.5.2007 J.R.Krenn